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Silver Sky Imports is a leading online marketplace that sells handmade goods from India, Tibet Nepal and products from Asia. The company is the leading supplier of porcelain and other handmade products in the USA today. The products are supplied in wholesale and retail sizes thus suiting the demand by different markets in the country. Thousands of buyers have ordered the Himalayan singing bowls and Crystal singing bowls which are among the best sellers of products available. Visit the silver sky imports website and have a look at the amazing homemade products that you can buy today.


On the site, hundreds of products designed have been listed for customers. Each product comes with several pictures sound samples and description. The bowls especially the crystal and hammered get treatment with an individual sound file of the real bowl. The finishing on the surface is well refined making it very attractive. The surface is smooth and very durable. When you make a suitable choice, it is amazing how you will have a juice experience with high-quality bowls which are very beautiful.


Silverskyimports offers the best Tibetan singing bowls you can purchase today. From the website, different models are listed for customers. You can look at various models who have amazing designs. It is encouraged that you look through each set and choose the one with an attractive finish. The sound quality can be sampled before you purchase. The sounds are recorded on each bowl, and you can play the sound on the website. Custom models are also crafted help people in getting the proper display in their houses.


Crystal singing bowls from Silver Sky Imports are designed from gemstones. These are decorated pieces which come in many colors. You can choose the clear or frosted crystal singing bowls. It is interesting how they are crafted making them the best choices you can get. The products are sold at discounted prices on the website. Consider looking for the most affordable ones. The listing is done according to the prices. For more details, go to


All models listed by the company are available in stock. All products have some video that shows how well they are suitable for your use. The best bowl is the best unique designs which you can have for your friends. Ensure you make the best design which is beautiful. The prices are offered in ascending order. Choose the ones which give you a nice design.