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Throughout Asia, there is a tradition that has been passed down through generations. People in this region partake in the meditation process which has been practiced for ages. Meditation has been associated with the well-being of someone, physically, mentally, and spiritually. Click here to get started.


During this process, there is one tool which has proven to be very effective. The Singing bowl has been used throughout the years. It is one of the things that you are likely to find in a monastery or a temple. They are large-metal-bowls that produces a sound when struck. The striking of these bowls represent the ending of a particular session and the beginning of another. 


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Where can you use a singing bowl? 


Singing bowls can be used by people practicing Buddhism. They are very common in the Asian region where this religion is widely practiced. However, they can also be used by people who practice yoga and other forms of meditation. There have been cases where there are people who like the sound of these bowls. Some psychiatrists are also known to use the singing bowls in their sessions. It is believed that these bells help to unlock any memories that are hidden in the brain.  


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